Code of Ethics

The Mayo GAA International Supporters Foundation (The Foundation) sets forth standards that we should follow when we engage in Foundation business or in activities that could reflect on the Foundation.  The Code applies worldwide, complementing local policies specific where applicable.  We must respect both the Code and our local policies.

The Code covers our Foundation directors, trustees, committee members, and staff, regardless of location.

We will comply with the letter and the spirit of all Foundation policies and all applicable laws and respect the customs of the countries in which we operate.

We will act with humility, modesty, and personal and institutional selflessness.  This conviction developed over many years of anonymous giving, and it remains in full force today.  In practice, this means that we will act honestly, ethically, and respectfully toward colleagues, grantees, vendors, and others whom we meet through our Foundation.  We will not seek credit or recognition for supporting our grantees for the Foundation or ourselves. We will focus attention instead on our grantees and try to keep a low profile.  Our Foundation will take a more forward role however, when it is clear that public communication or other action will aid our grantees and help us achieve our program goals and mission.

We want to prevent conflicts of interest from creating actual or apparent improprieties that could undermine our effectiveness and reputation.  Accordingly, we have adopted a conflict of interest policy. The policy applies to everyone covered by the Code. 

The financial and other information that we report to our colleagues, grantees, regulators, and others will be accurate, appropriately complete, fair, and clear.  We will follow best practice standards to protect the integrity of this information and to identify and limit risks that can arise from inadequate communication.

7.1      Foundation Information
We will communicate honestly and openly both inside and outside the Foundation.  At times, however, confidentiality is appropriate, and we will keep information and opinions confidential to the extent that other ethical organizations customarily limit their disclosure.  For example, we will not disclose information or opinions that could (a) compromise sensitive investment or tax positions; (b) violate agreements; (c) invade individual privacy; or (d) breach the anonymity of the few (if any) grants that we need to keep confidential.  Confidentiality concerns, of course, do not justify dishonesty or failure to comply with the law.

We take pride in our Foundations diversity and international character.  Equality of opportunity is an important principle in all our employment, grant, and other decisions. We do not tolerate discrimination against, or sexual or other harassment of, employees, grantees, vendors, or others due to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, military or veteran status, political opinion, or any other basis prohibited by law.

9.1    Issues and Questions
The Code and our other policy statements provide broad guidance, but they cannot address all situations, and the application of our policies may be uncertain at times.  Consequently, all of us will need to exercise sound judgment to make sure that we avoid any appearance of impropriety.  In the event of any uncertainty, we must err on the side of caution and seek advice before taking action.

10.    Acknowledgment
You should sign the attached Acknowledgment and Disclosure Form annually to confirm that you understand and will comply with the Code.

Mayo GAA International Supporters Foundation

Mayo GAA International Supporters Foundation


  • Chairman – Tim O Leary
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  • Advisors – Richard Chambers, Kevin O’Neill
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